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final Dragon-Called Legend logo - wide format - clear groundDragon-Called is first and foremost about providing epic adventure stories to give my Readers an opportunity to escape into the world of Saoghal (pronounced Soo-il). Readers find themselves dropped into a Medieval setting where humans share Saoghal with dragons, Elfs, Waljantinks (Tinks for short), Blood Stalkers, the vile necromancer Shades which have risen from the depths of the Seven Shadows, and many more characters to love and hate.

Dragon-Called is a little different in that it is just not a single series, but instead is a family of series and related stories. At the moment, there are two different series being written simultaneously. Both are part of the Dragon-Called family of books, but take place five to seven hundred years apart. Both sets of books have a Medieval-themed setting. Even though all the books in the Dragon-Called family are fantasy, both series attempt to keep some relevancy to actual medieval time-lines. There are also short stories and flash fiction related to the family of books.

The first series (a minimum of three, but potentially five, books) is entitled Dragon-Called Legend and is set in early-to-mid medieval-like times (prior to gunpowder). The Dragon-Called Legend series is about:

At sixteen years old, Princess Willoe is to be sent away, in seclusion, prior to a forced marriage bond, rather than being allowed to fulfill her dreams of competing in a man’s world. Her twin, the solemn Prince Rowyn, has his own problems, forced to take up the life of a man-at-arms instead of retreating into his books and a life of contemplation. The twins decide, with the help of their cousins Aeron and Casandra, to take one last chance to experience their dreams.

A plan that has potential, if not for two things: Foreign priests of the Shin-il Way, who see the twins as necessary to the priests’ domination over the world; and the Burning Lady, goddess over the Spirit world, who requires that the twins fulfill a covenant a distant ancestor of theirs had made with the king of the dragons.

The close family bond between the twins and their cousins can help them confront any danger, but the true test of this bond comes when the price of the covenant becomes clear.

Fire of the Covenant is the first book in the Dragon-Called Legend series. It is based on the island country of Taran following the twins and their cousins as their true destinies are revealed, and they pursue their individual journeys of discovery.  As the story develops, both twins must learn about the Fire that controls them and how the covenant, of a long-dead  ancestor, has changed their lives forever.

The next book in the Dragon-Called Legend series is already in process toward publication in 2014.

The first book in the other major series, of the Dragon-Called family of books, is about a quarter of the way written and takes place five to seven hundred years in the future of the Dragon-Called Legend. The setting is late medieval-themed time (arquebus or musket). This series is not as defined as the Dragon-Called Legend, but in general, it is about:

In a time when dragons are domesticated and a rebellious baron, supported by a foreign king, threatens to tear the kingdom apart, an orphan, Rylan, uses his special gift, mind-bridging, to connect with and train dragons. A gift that could get him burned at the stake, as a sorcerer, if it ever became public.

Through a chain of strange events, Rylan finds himself in the company of Elfs, Fairies, an intelligent dragon, a woman who he is attracted to but seems more intent on getting him killed, and other creatures Rylan thought only existed in myths.

Rylan has many obstacles to confront in his journey to find out where he came from and then to live up to the truth he uncovers. This would be difficult enough for most men, but when a powerful baron believes Rylan is preventing the baron’s rebellion from succeeding; the baron makes it a priority to remove Rylan… at all cost.

The first book in this series is entitled The Dragon Whisperer and will be available 2014.

I realize that there can be long waits in-between book releases; therefore, you will find periodic short stories or flash fiction posted to the website; that I hope will tide you over until the next book release. You can find these in the side menu under Categories under the Blog Menu and select  under Short Stories. These little vignettes will provide additional stories about the characters and about the world of Saoghal. Some stories will expand a scene in one of the books, giving you a fuller view of the scene. You will find background stories on characters (something that happened to them or someone they know before the book began) and insight into the character’s personality. There will be insight into the magic of the book, the beliefs among the people, and other items peculiar to Saoghal.

If you subscribe to the website, you will be e-mailed updates to all the books and notified when new short stories or blogs are posted. Your e-mail address will NOT be shared with any individual or organization, and you will not be inundated with a lot of e-mails.




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